Sunday, October 19, 2008

Planet Earth is STILL blue...

Roughly six weeks ago I began rehearsing Hamlet.

Part of me wanted to make a very public record of what was going on in rehearsals...

...but the other, older, and wiser part of me that said, "Umm, no..." won out.

But I will say it's been...quick. This Hamletprocess.

Lots of information to digest, daily, and then build, create "something".

That something opens in four days, and will, in its short life continue to grow.

I'm proud of the work. Everybody's work. It's an ensemble. It shouldn't be called Hamlet. It should be called A Group of Crazies Played Together For Six Weeks To Bring You The Story Of A Really Troubled Royal Family In Denmark. But it shouldn't be called know.

And I'm really proud to be an actor.

Proud to be an artist.

Proud to be free to create these stories with a lot of like-minded (or not so like-minded) individuals, in the hopes that someday, somewhere, somehow someone will be touched enough by what they see to make a positive change in their own lives.

Because it's all dust in the end.

Might as well make something beautiful with what we have while we have it.

Much love, all of you, for these last few weeks.

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